Our Philosophy

    Our school provides a safe, secure, and trusting environment in which children can develop and grow at their own individual pace. Children require both structured and non-structured activities that directly reflect their needs and interests. Creative and stimulating activities are planned which encourage social, emotional, and intellectual growth, as well as build confidence and self-assurance.

Our program

    Our program follows consistent routines, giving the children a sense of security. Within that structure, there is freedom for each child to develop and grow at their own rate. The Programs are based around weekly themes. The themes are introduced through different areas of our curriculum by our experienced qualified staff. These include creative art, cognitive activities, sensory activities, books and more. We also incorporate the themes during circle time with songs, stories and games.

    Children need to have a positive view of learning. Various discovery centres are designed to stimulate interest and always encourage independence.

Our History

    Serving the Woodbridge area since 1989.

    We are licensed by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services and are inspected by their advisors on a annual basis. We meet all regulations set out by the Ministry as well as Health and Fire Departments.


    It is our duty as Educators, to help each child to adjust to our environment. The staff will make every effort to help each child to feel comfortable.

    We have always maintained daily verbal communication with all our parents, during arrival and departure. If our parents have further concerns, We will always take the time to talk with them or schedule it for a more convenient time for them and for us.